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Ketupat is cut open, its skin (woven palm leaf) being removed, the inner rice cake is cut in pieces, and served as staple food, as the replacement of plain steamed rice.It usually eaten with rendang, opor ayam, sayur labu (chayote soup), sambal goreng hati (liver in sambal) or served as an accompaniment to satay (chicken or beef or lamb in skewers) or gado-gado (mixed vegetables with peanut sauce).It is served during special occasions such as Hari Raya Eid'l Fitr, Hari Raya Eid'l Adha and weddings.Among Christian Filipinos in Visayas and Luzon, pusô, as ketupat is locally known, is also traditionally used as a pabaon or a packed lunch, traditionally brought by workers, served with any selection of stews.Among Hindu communities in Bali and Banyuwangi in East Java, ketupat is part of the offering and ritual of Kuningan festive celebration to conclude the Galungan holy days.During Galungan, Hindu families create and erect a penjor pole made of janur (young palm leaves), and then make some offerings to the Pura.

The shape of the package facilitates moisture to drip away from the cooked rice while the coco leaves allow the rice to be aerated and at the same time prevent flies and insects from touching it.In Java and most of Indonesia, ketupat is linked to Islamic tradition of lebaran (Eid ul-Fitr).According to Javanese traditions, the Indonesian lebaran tradition was first started when Sunan Bonang, one of Wali Songo of Tuban in 15th-century Java, calls for the Muslims to elevate the perfection of their Ramadhan fast by asking forgiveness and forgiving others' wrongdoings.Ketupat is made from rice that has been wrapped in a woven palm leaf pouch and boiled.

As the rice cooks, the grains expand to fill the pouch and the rice becomes compressed.

It is believed that it contains appropriate symbolism; kupat means ngaku lepat or "admitting one's mistakes" in Javanese language, in accordance to asking for forgiveness tradition during lebaran.

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