Consolidating 2 itunes libraries

I’m not sure if there are actually any significant differences between 7 and 10, but I didn’t want to make things any harder than necessary.

Because my older library contained much more music, most of the artists would be new additions and wouldn’t already exist in the newer library.Various guides detail the steps required to move a library to another machine, but not to merge it with another - the process shares some actions, but isn’t quite the same. My situation was thus: I had an older Windows PC with a large-ish (40GB) library from an old version of i Tunes (I forget which, probably 7), synced with my i Pod Classic.I also had my Mac Book Pro (i Tunes 10) with a smaller library (15GB) synced to my i Phone.I wanted to merge the two in such a way that all the meta-data (play counts, ratings, playlists etc) would be preserved - combined into one definitive library on my Mac Book that I could sync to both i Pod and i Phone.