Dating game grassroots

Sometimes it can even be useful to create controversy and ‘buzz’ to provide a rallying point for your customers, and to galvanize your relationship with them.Assume the role of ‘community organizer’ for causes your niche customers believe in.Try to understand and anticipate the rise of such topics by carefully following the media your customers follow. Stress community service and social responsibility above profit and commercial gain.Don’t shy away from controversial issues – they are often the very subjects your customers pay the most attention to.

Lori Cheek, Founder, Cheekd To spread awareness of my dating app, I post my card on the Citibike (NYC’s bike sharing program) baskets, inside of the subway cars, movie ads on the platforms, the back of bathroom stalls, and I even tag noticeable existing street art.Use social media to convey your support for these causes in authentic original ways.Provide information, chat rooms, and public forums for debate on those topics.These shoots are a great way to get new followers and customers on a grassroots level while spending little if no money doing so.

David Mulqueen, Project Manager, Odd Dog Media We send our recruitment team to college campuses around the country.

By thinking outside of the box and venturing away from boring emails or pricey advertisements, you can potentially spend of an impact.