Dating professionals

In our case, not only do we explicitly label ourselves as a professional network, and focused on creative professionals, but we also discourage our users to use it for any other reasons.” Whether professional, platonic, or romantic, there is an undeniable perk of knowing exactly what a person “does” from the get-go.Blame it on pure selfishness or ruthless efficiency, but it’s the juncture in any relationship where all of these apps plan to capitalize.

She started with Bumble BFF in 2016, for finding platonic friendships, and now Bumble Bizz, for professional networking.Upon first inspection of the app, toggling between your romantic, platonic, and professional profiles requires a simple swipe, making it easy to conceal your true intentions from the prying eyes of any significant others.“If I’m in a relationship, I wouldn’t be comfortable keeping my Bumble profile on my phone,” one single 26-year-old female apparel designer told us.With a rumored valuation of $1 billion, this latest addition marks a second act for the company, in which their power to connect becomes all-encompassing.

“Our goal for Bumble is to become the ultimate social networking platform for people you don’t know yet,” Alex Williamson el-Effendi, the company’s Head of Brand, told Observer via e-mail.

Outside of finding time to go on a date, how do you protect your privacy and really know the people you are meeting?