Dating vintage jewelry clasps

The closure is an older style spring clasp and is marked sterling.Collecting vintage jewelry – type of stone settings.15 3/4 inches in total length; available wearable length is 14 inches. I have a beautiful piece ( possibly pendant ) that has an unusual clasp on the back that i cannot identify. Pins that go with round hinges can be identified because the pin is one. A standard roll-over pin and clasp, which became the standard brooch fitting around the 1960s onwards to today. The hook end is slim and may have some scalloped notches in it that give it the appearance of an antique key. It is designed to slide inside and hook, or lock, around a decorative encasing on the other side of the jewelry piece.

A tell-tale feature of an antique barrel clasp in fact may be a brassy appearance.The fishhook clasp is a good example of a concealed clasp.What this means is that it integrates itself so well into the overall design of the jewelry that one doesn't even notice that it is there.If you have questions about any of our antique jewelry clasps, call us today at 530-885-3511.

The Barrel Clasp - This type of clasp has been around for a long time.

There are also a few vintage jewelry reference books that i can recommend: they are commonly found on hand made brooches from the midth century era, such as painted wooden brooches from russia or micro mosaic brooches from italy.

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