Dating women in the military

Sarah’s flight (group of trainees) during BMT (Basic Military Training), contributed by Sarah Allen Amina Moghul, 23 Second Lieutenant in the U. Army Reserve Currently on educational delay; student, president of Med School class, president of the military medicine club Amina, practicing spotting improved explosive devices along roadsides, during a training session, contributed by Amina Moghul Amina Moghul was drawn to the military from a young age, but also knew she wanted to be a doctor.“I didn't think I could marry those two interests in a way that would work for me professionally,” she said. “Little did I know that the Army, Navy, and Air Force all have scholarship programs that carve out great careers for young future health professionals, and the training opportunities can't be beat.” After earning scores on the MCAT that merited recruitment opportunities, Moghul had to give the decision some serious thought.“The biggest difference between being a soldier and a civilian is that there is a mental understanding that you are invaluable [in the Army].

Just because we wear a uniform doesn't mean we aren't normal people like everyone else.” “It is a huge, life-changing decision.

“If you’re dating someone at work and you’re super professional, that’s fine,” she said. They will provide a college education, medical care, food, board…The list goes on and on.