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They meet up with Riff and he joins in the quest for the Higgledy Piggeldy Pear Tree.When most of the gang finally find the tree, BJ attempts to get the pear, despite Tracy's warning, and breaks the tree. When Barney and Mother Nature find out about the tree, Mother Nature is really sad about it.Using the Travel Book, the group travels to the rainforest jungle and meet Mother Nature (who looks like Maya, coincidentally).

It is the only Friend Area in the Jungle area, and has a capacity of thirteen Pokémon, all of which are Grass-type.The three are staying in La Paz, where one of them have an apartment.Yossi is out in the market one day and a stranger asks if he is an American, he replied "No". During conversation Karl claims the existence of a Indian tribe in the jungle that they should go see.They failed to find Yossi through a plane flyover, but Kevin believes that Yossi is alive.

Kevin ropes in the help of the local boat driver to search for him.

Tracy explains that there's a bird nest in the tree, but BJ is unconcered about the bird losing its home.

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