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The two eventually became close friends and were found to be both compatible in piloting the treasures of the White Moon, the Emblem Frames.Thus, they were trained by their superior officer and future teammate Forte Stollen and inducted into the Angel Wing.

She replaces the bulb-like hair accessories with red tassel-like ribbons.Ranpha was arguably the most vocal in expressing her worries with their new, lazy-eyed commander and thought that Lester was more fit for command.After narrowly escaping an assault thanks to Milfie's luck, the Angel Wing relaxed in their victory with Ranpha's fortune magazine that predicted everyone's respective readings.Matching the flashy nature of her attire and the main role of her Emblem Frame, Ranpha is hasty and is naturally the "show off" of the team and doesn't hold back in flaunting her looks and figure.

Much like Forte, she prefers the direct confrontation style of solving her problems and the conventional application of brute force.

On the onset of Eonia's bloody rebellion, the Angel Wing were forced to retreat from Transbaal and escort the Elsior carrying the last surviving member of the royal family to the outer regions of the empire.