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), I think this use of what was the offices and changing rooms etc for the hall means that it's performance potential is severly compromised.I thought there were plans to develop the green space into a basket ball or football court for kids - anybody heard anything about that?Although your emails are welcome this is all that we know so far: I haven't got a lot of detailed info about the Jewish Orphanage, except that my mother, then called Violet Pigeon, and her sister Dorothy lived in Tivoli Road just before and during the 2nd world war, and they used to help out at the orphanage.During the 1980s I met a bloke who told me that he came from "Austria and West Norwood" Intrigued, I asked him what he meant, and he told me that he had been brought to the Orphanage as a small child.

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There were plans for the building to be taken over by one of the large orchestra's ( london Phil I think ) as reheasal roome and to add some inward investment into the and some employment, but this plan fell through as the council officers could not react quickley enough- ( Whats new) appranrley it has very good acoustics and a stage - for a time it was home of Lambeth operatic Society- I do hope that some use can be found for it -otherwise it may be used for high density housinf with possible loss of green space as well I think the London Philharmonic interest died because of the size of the hall - they needed something at least three times bigger.Kind regards People looking for information on the Orphanage can also look at the website of the charity Norwood which continues to work with children and adults with disadvantage or disability (see Some Jewish Orphanage photos can be found from The Jewish Museum search page.Put "Jewish Orphanage" in the "People and institutions" search box.I had a large room in the East wing of Gabriel, 2 other boys lived above the principal's flat (Jack & Eileen Wagman).

on the ground floor we had a large common room, kitchen, administrative office, a library (with translations of books I took for latin "A" levels) all joined by a long hallway with fantastic acoustics. She often put on musicals with all the kids & invited (coerced) the local police to participate.

Are the computer people still using part of the hall?

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