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Also used as a euphemism for 'fuck' in expressions such as the denial - "Did I chuff! E.g."She chuffed just as we were saying grace before dinner" Noun. The name derives from the sound made during its manufacture. E.g."So what's the crack with this argument that you and Sonya have been having? E.g." I want you on your best behaviour when the vicar calls; any of your chelp and you'll be grounded for the week." [Midlands/Northern use. A raver, a person into the lifestyle and music of hardcore house and techno. Quavers, Cheese Flavour - a potato snack manufactured by Walkers Snack Foods Ltd. Impudence, cheek, especially by a child to an adult.

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Ireland's foremost uilleann piper, Liam O'Flynn, played a wailing lament before family members and friends offered a string of readings from the Bible and their own often-lyrical remembrances of the country's most celebrated writer of the late 20th century. Watch some TV, drink a little wine, and go out clubbing tomorrow night? E.g."Come on chuck, let's go out whilst the sun's shining." Verb. A male to female preoperative transexual, usually very feminine looking, with breasts and male genitals, a shemale.

You'll have a heart attack unless you learn to chill a little." Noun.

A person, usually of poorly educated, working class origin, who dresses casually in designer sportswear and vulgar jewellery.

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