On dating stages in prebiotic chemical evolution

The rational conclusion must be that these incredibly complex systems could only have been designed and constructed by a super-intelligent creator.Eliminating Hume from the picture brings us to the second argument that skeptics use to claim that the Argument from Design does not apply to the world of living systems: Darwinian Evolution. For argument's sake I would concede the fact of Neo-Darwinian Evolution. Before the theory of evolution, however, one needed an enormous amount of almost fanatical determination not to believe in a creator.Remember, Darwinian evolution does not invalidate the Argument from Design; it simply offers an alternative explanation for the functional complexity of living systems.Christopher Hitchens begrudgingly concedes that before Darwin, the "default position" of a creator was reasonable: Before Charles Darwin revolutionized our entire concept of our origins ...Our bio-medical engineering firms also build "primitive" pumps to replace the heart.It is absurd to invoke Hume's argument when we are discussing the heart.It certainly required a great deal more sophistication to build a human being than to construct a rectangular monolith.

radio carbon dating mistakes

It is clear, however, that a suit and poem by Robert Frost, and a living bacterium, are certainly well over that line.

Experience teaches us that highly sophisticated filtering devices do not make themselves, any more than suits make themselves. There is another mechanical device that is well within our experience: the electric pump. The human heart is nothing more and nothing less than an electric pump.

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