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Scientists recognize that the disorder tends to run in families and that a person inherits a tendency to develop the disease.Similar to some other genetically-related illnesses, schizophrenia may appear when the body undergoes hormonal and physical changes (like those that occur during puberty in the teen and young adult years) or after dealing with highly stressful situations.The vast majority of people with schizophrenia are not violent and do not pose a danger to others.Schizophrenia is not caused by childhood experiences, poor parenting or lack of willpower, nor are the symptoms identical for each person. Some theories about the cause of this disease include: genetics (heredity), biology (abnormalities in the brain’s chemistry or structure); and/or possible viral infections and immune disorders.

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These neurotransmitters allow nerve cells in the brain to send messages to each other.The imbalance of these chemicals affects the way a person’s brain reacts to stimuli--which explains why a person with schizophrenia may be overwhelmed by sensory information (loud music or bright lights) which other people can easily handle.This problem in processing different sounds, sights, smells and tastes can also lead to hallucinations or delusions.He says he has raped my dead sister and says that when she was burning he poured milk on her to burn more.

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She hadn’t told him because she said: “Oh Lloyd would kill me” which I just thought at the time was a passing comment.’ She added that their relationship was ‘terrible’ and that Natasha had rung her up crying saying he accused her of cheating.

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