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Dieter's job is to take listener calls, but he'll do anything to get on the air.(He once smoked his own feces.) He has a suggestion for an on-air conversation: "Guys yank their own lederhosen and it's not considered gay.Rover blends in with his fans -- who are almost universally young, white, and male -- like a real-life Where's Waldo?"He's a guy's guy," says Jeff Miller, who oversees sales for 92.3.For a guy who gets paid to be an asshole on the radio, he's hard not to like.Sitting in 92.3's jock's lounge -- a combination of frat house and locker room -- Rover bounces a mini basketball to fend off boredom.But in Rover's case, it might actually be true -- at least, it's easy to think that after talking to him for a few minutes.Just ask Greg Perry, a 20-year-old garbageman from North Ridgeville: "I met him at X-Fest. On the radio, he seems like a real guy, and in person, he seems the same.

"Knoxville's a completely different place," he says.She's the organizer and mother hen, the one who keeps Rover from going too far. "I'm the first to say, 'You're an asshole.'" Think of her as Marge Simpson to Rover's Bart.Rover stops his game of catch to pitch an idea for a contest: "Miss Hoover 2004," he announces grandly. So it's various sucking tasks, anything that's noisy.He starts playing catch with another deejay who happens to be passing through, but the game isn't challenging enough.

So Rover decrees that they can use only their left hands.

" The collar and leash are photo-shoot props, but the anal-rape fantasy is all Rover's. He wears a ringer T, cargo shorts, and a Cubs cap to cover his thinning hair. He's the kind of guy who reminds everyone of someone they knew in high school.

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