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Attorneys on both sides debated the relevance of two large sums of cash found in Batts’ closet and in his car.Judge Dee David Gay eventually ruled the money found by police was relevant to the case and it was presented to the jury.“Mr.On Wednesday afternoon, we heard from the officer who was right behind Heaggan-Brown at the time. At that moment, I believe I started to -- I see him running northeast.Out of the corner of my eye, I see Heaggan-Brown chase him as well," Ndiva Malafa said.

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On our broadcasts, FOX6 News is pausing the video at the moment before that first shot is fired.Batts initially lied about what happened to police, saying Timea came home with the gunshot wound, then later changed this story.The defense says he lied because he's a convicted felon and he knew he'd immediately go to jail and not be able to care for his daughter.Some of Batts' family members became emotional when the video was being played.

A few of them even walked out of the courtroom when the footage showed Timea jumping up and down after she was shot, then Batts picking her up and running out the door to the hospital.

Prosecutors say in the 1.69 seconds that followed, Smith tossed away the gun and was shot a second time from close range, causing the fatal chest wound. The footage also makes it clear, even in real time, Smith is on the ground when he's shot the second time.

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