Social anxiety disorder dating

I spent several years in group therapy and it caused me a ton of stress and anxiety and I don't feel like it helped me.Part of my individual therapy over the years was to do public speaking, but all that did was cause me huge amounts of stress and probably sent my cortisol levels through the roof and I don't feel like I benefitted from it.Go to the library and find books on interacting with others, Libraries are quiet and rarely crowded so you can start talking to the Librarian and then after awhile you will probably come to recognise people who go there at the same time as you and you can start talking to them.Don't think a 12 year way of communicating is going to change quickly, it takes time and practice to bring new behaviours into our life. A little tip for learning eye contact, read something in front of a mirror and look up as though you were reading it to someone else and were looking at them.You just need to be with someone who understands this disorder to assist you how to over come the anxiety.And I say that those people who are rude to you are not a good example of social interactions as they are not displaying any social manners at all.Socialisation is a life long process and there is no reason why you can not learn to interact with others in society now in a way that you want to.Even the most confident person faces discomfort in certain situations, they have just learnt how to cope with it, okay?

I suppose if I planned to become a monk and never have sex again then the side effects would not have been quite so bad.

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