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In many ways it rivals Logitech's premium C930e and C920 UVC compatible webcams - often at a significantly lower price.The HD-5000 is a high-quality USB Video Class compliant 720p HD camera with hardware autofocus.IPevo offers a range of very affordable UVC doc cams from a basic adjustable manual focus USB cam, to a USB VGA camera with Video Out jack to connect to a meeting room or class room TV or display.

Creative was one of the first personal computer peripheral companies to heartily embrace the UVC web camera standard in it's early days - well before Logitech finally committed to it across their product line.Both lack full 1080p resolution, optical glass lenses, H.264 hardware video compression or autofocus features that several of their now-discontinued high-end cameras offered.The dwindling of Creative Labs as a top-tier USB Video Class compatible web camera supplier leaves only two major competitors.Some are conventional computer lab microscopes for medical or biological uses that combine both optical eye-pieces plus a digital camera sensor for capturing and recording whatever it sees under high magnification.

Windows users will likely find snapshot and video capture apps more readily available, but Linux and Mac OS users will find any general purpose still image or video capture program will let them capture images from the digital computer microscope's sensor.

All feature adjustable armature to position the camera precisely on objects or documents.