Tried updating iphone and lost everything

Regularly backing up your i Phone is the only way to protect your data in case you need to restore the phone.Every time you sync your i Phone with i Tunes on your computer, it automatically makes a backup.You can alternatively enable i Cloud backups in the "Settings" app by tapping "i Cloud" then "Storage & Backup" and switching "i Cloud Backup" to "On." After setting this option, the phone automatically backs up when it is connected to power and Wi-Fi and is not in use.Aaron Parson has been writing about electronics, software and games since 2006, contributing to several technology websites and working with News Hour Productions.Of course, be sure to note the password you're using for the encrypted backup.Step 1: Make sure your i Phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.More conveniently, when your i Phone gets stuck in the recovery mode, this program allows you exiting recovery mode firstly in just one click. Repair i Phone operating system to fix i OS crash/stuck/errors. Learn More Ult Data not only recoversing lost files on i Phone, but also repair the i OS system back to normal when it performs abnormally such as being stuck in the recovery mode, DFU mode, and apple logo, connect to i Tunes, boot loop, blue screen of death, and so forth.

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