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Home Auto-Biography Auto History Auto Theory Beginners Corner Classic Car Photogallery Car Restoration Tips Feature Articles Factory Fixes Car Restoration How-To Resto Mods Troubleshooting T-Bird Project Useful Websites By Llewellyn Hedgbeth Early cars were little more than motorized buckboards but it didn't take long for drivers to determine they'd like a little protection from road hazards like sharp flying rocks.In 1904 when the first windshields were introduced, most were a horizontally-divided piece of plate glass just like the glass used for house windows.The latter event was known as wearing a glass necklace.In the teens motorists filed a number of lawsuits against car manufacturers, asserting the car makers were the cause of their windshield-related injuries.

Whatever the circumstances — whether personal experience with accidents, discussions with attorneys about liability issues, etc., Ford was finally convinced it was time to make car windshields safer.

Meanwhile Wood had also been working with cellulose and devised another method for adding a protective layer (originally tree resin, later cellulose) between two pieces of glass and creating shatter-resistant glass. Benedictus, in 1910, added a gelatin layer which stuck to both panes of glass and patented Triplex. Also about this time a new urethane glue was also used to bond the glass to the frame.

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    Triplex Safety Glass is now owned by Pilkington, which uses a similar method of dating using dots under letters. Triplex Window Date Code Decoding.…