Updating msi

MSI package that installs the latest Surface Pro 3 drivers and firmware making our job much easier. id=38826 Download Windows Sysinternals Ps Exec Download Win RAR, use or use an alternative self extracting program. Click OK, then OK again to save the file I recommend to test the packaged on a test VM before proceeding.

Publish this update with SCUP and then synchronize your Software Update point.As we deployed more Surface Pro 3’s, it was clear that we needed an automated method to update firmware and drivers.We started down the path of creating an application in SCCM but preferred to update our Surface Pro 3’s during monthly patches so we didn’t create an extra reboot for our end users.In the Package source field click Browse and then navigate to your Surface Pro3_15_01_1file Click the checkbox Use a local source to publish software update content Click Next On the Required Information screen, fill in the information as shown On the Optional Information screen, fill in the information as shown On the Prerequisites screen, click Next On the Superseded Updates screen, click Next On Installable Rules screen click on the star icon to add a new rule.

Choose rule type of System/WMI Query In the WMI namespace field type in: root\cimv2 In the WMI query filed type in: Select * From Win32_Computer System Product WHERE Name LIKE “Surface Pro 3” Click OK This WMI query ensures that this package is only intended for Surface Pro 3 computers.

I discovered you can use SCUP to deliver Surface Pro 3 drivers and firmware updates as part of your monthly patch process. Also place the Ps Exec file in this folder Using Win RAR, right click the folder and select Add to Archive Place a check in the box Create SFX Archive and click OK On the newly created Surface Pro3_15_01_1file, right click and left click Open with Win RAR On the Win RAR toolbar, click on SFX, then click on Advanced SFX options On the General tab on the path to extract section enter the path you want to extract the . I use the absolute path of C:\Windows\Defminl\Drivers On the Setup tab, in the Run after extraction section enter in “C:\Windows\Defminl\Drivers\Surface Pro3_15_01_1\psexec.exe” -s -accepteula msiexec /i “C:\Windows\Defminl\Drivers\Surface Pro3_15_01_1\Surface Pro3_15_01_1.msi” /qn REBOOT=Really Suppress On the Modes tab, ensure the Hide all radio button is selected.