Updating system bios

Look at the BIOS revision and date information displayed on system startup or check with your computer manufacturer to find out what type of BIOS you have.Then go to the BIOS manufacturer's Web site to see if an upgrade is available.Copy the program, along with the BIOS update, onto a floppy disk.

Occasionally, a computer will need to have its BIOS updated. As new devices and standards arise, the BIOS needs to change in order to understand the new hardware.I had a power surge the other week that affected this computer and upon booting it would fail to boot into windows.I can not access the A03 BIOS with the new card so I stuck the original 560gtx card back in and did a fresh install of windows 10, I'm running command center 3.5 for the alienfx settings and that's working.Hi I have just installed updates to drivers etc for my Windows 10 HP Pavilion gaming laptop and is 64 bit...

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    The driver is HP Notebook System BIOS Update. I think I will still stick to traditional BIOS update methods in the future and leave the automated updating to.…
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    A computer's system BIOS, or basic input/output system, is firmware that allows a motherboard to boot, test basic system devices to ensure that they are working.…