Updating the operating system

Software updates that have been applied to the upgrade package since it was initially added are also stored in the site database.When you start the wizard to apply software updates to the operating system upgrade package, the wizard retrieves a list of applicable software updates that have not yet been applied to the upgrade package for you to select.

Information about the operating system upgrade package is stored in the site database, including the software updates that were applied at the time of the import.This deals with upgrading a Windows operating system and some of the pitfalls that can exist or arise in this process.Perform a back-up of all your important data to some media other than your hard disk.Updating the operating system (OS) on a host, by either upgrading across major releases or updating the system software for a minor release, can impact the Open Shift Origin software running on those machines.

An upgrade package in System Center Configuration Manager contains the Windows Setup source files that are used to upgrade an existing operating system on a computer.

Configuration Manager copies the software updates from the content library on the site server and applies the software updates to the operating system upgrade package.